Photopea lesson 2

In this lesson I choose a blue sky with some grass and a beautiful butterfly, I then combined them to make it look like it was one picture.

Photopea lesson 1

lesson 1 this  the original picture of the flowers  when I used photopea i added a  filter to change the photo.

Bad Designed Websites

When it comes to a website you can make one or have one be made for you, but that comes with circumstances good and bad. In the recent article, I read it gave examples of 21 bad designed sites, although many of them have already been fixed or are currently being fixed if I got the job to fix one of the sites I would fix the yale school of art's website. When I think of an art school I see it is very modern with historical features, a very clean and organized place, and a very sophisticated building. The things I would change on the website would be making it a very easy place to get around with separate pages for different categories, the colors will be very neutral and there will be some modern art pictures and historical art pictures to give the feel of the art. I also would want to pit artwork from students and have their input put into the website because it is representing their school, the website now allows anyone that attends or works at the school can add or edit the webs…

Coding For Arisits

After reading some articles about how coding is used in the world I choose to write about how coding effects artists. I really enjoy art and want to continue learning about the arts after high school, I am just still unsure what type of art I want to pursue so I choose this article to learn about how an artist studied fine arts and painting and ended up in web design. The artist talked about how coding is her job she works at companies to allow artists to make shirts, sell their work, make things for there company, and much more she is coding websites to make it easier for artists like her to use the new amazing technology to share and create much more with their work. In the article she had talked about how she went to school for a masters degree in fine arts, you don't need that to be a coder but because she is a coder for the arts and art things its good for her to know the community and know what goes on, she came upon coding when she wanted to make a website for her online po…

Government access to encrypted messages

After reading the articles about how the government wants to make it so anyone can access encrypted messages. Although this can be a good thing when it comes to crime and can help prevent things from happening, I don't think this is a good idea because everyone should be able to keep the things on their phones private especially because nowadays there are young kids using social media and if their things are not private it might not go so well. It seems like a good idea when you hear it but when you think about it it's really not because every person has a right to there privacy, I think that if the government thought they saw something suspicious on your account then they have to have a warrant and then they at least are doing it with people knowing and they only have access for a short amount of time.

Google Identity search

After searching my name and some of my family members I didn't really find anything which is not surprising because my family is all spread out and has moved so there would not be that much information on them living here, but my familys social accounts are private so unless you follow them you won't be able to see their pictures or really anything about them because its all private. Most of my family didn't go to school or grow up here so there would also not be any information on them. I also didn't find anything about me because my accounts are private and I don't do a school sport I do and out of school sport so there is not newspapers or pictures of me because of the sport.